Our delicious Fruits snacks are the perfect way to crave your hunger in a very delicious and natural way. You would find in this package different benefits according to your own nutrition goals. That’s why we bring for you Colombian dragon fruit a powerful fiber content fuit, we selected for you fruits that has less natural sugar contents and high antioxidants, as well that the ones and the power fruits that may give you strength and potassium . For you’re a healthier indulgece  we mix quino and acai cover with amazing dark chocolate .

Enjoy this delicous fruits snack !!!

Healthy pastry . / DELICIOUS / RAW / REAL / NATURAL

We don’t use any kind of flour , all our ingredients are unprocessed and they are natural sweetened . We selected the most powerful ingredients of the nature to give it to you in the form of a brownie and a delicious mueslie cake .  we make it so natural by transforming a powerful meal  in the form of a delicious cake to fill your hunger and be healthy. Our products are rich in , fiber, minerals , protein, vitamins.  we don’t use any process STARCH or commonly known as a flour . According to David Ludwig , professor of Harvard Medical School , the flour ( processed starches ) in its different forms are converted to glucose in an instant in our digestive track that can behave like a slow-acting poison for your cells and becoming fat , leading to major diseases such as cancer , diabetes , blood sugar problems and weight management problems . Thats why we create this healthy pastry for the cake lovers . Now you can enjoy real meal and gain all the real nutrients and the magic of the food while you are snacking a smoothie and delcious cake .