Our company commitment is in innovation of the global healthy food industry .Consequently, we have developed a variety of functional products with special features, which can help prevent and diminish major diseases and also ideal to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The different snack lines that we are a very attractive alternative to common snacks. Each one of them suits the different nutritional goals that we know our clients have.


“Building a new generation of kids  by UNLOCKING their true potential through food”

Food can significantly influence behavior and even impact gens expressions.

Its external influence in our live is greater than our understanding, and in the first years of life children brain are shaping using the quality in the development process.

Therefore in CHAAK we do NOT underestimate the power of food and we use it to unlock CHILDREN POTENTIAL, by the development of natural, healthy and functional science-based products and programs.

We innovate  in order to deliver to children essential nutrients to feed their brain in order to impact in social, emotional and cognitive skills for an accurate development.


I firmly believe that we all have extraordinary abilities available to impact others and thereby contribute to a better society where prime wellness and balance in all its forms. CHAAK born from my passion for science, research, and mostly care for people. Currently CHAAK is a great mix of skilled team offering knowledge beyond products that seeks to transform lives. We seek to improve the health and quality of life of people. CHAAK has a team of health professionals and specialist in food science that allow us to merge science with holistic knowledge in order to provide innovative healthy products and services to improve quality and working to achieve integral welfare connecting body-mind- soul. Our products are designed to detoxify the body, renew cells, recharge the body with nutrients and provide a better life. We invite you to discover us, rediscover yourself and stay close to us, we need you to keep improving.                                                                                                       


We develop 1 healthy snack to transform millions of lives. That’s our mission, we strongly believe that by developing healthy food and purchasing food directly from small farmers while we are working together to develop socio-economic projects for them, we can improve their quality of life and include them in our value chain.


We want to be seen as a company that creates value at the same time as creating wellness for the consumers. We visualize our company as a health and wellness oriented firm; therefore, we work every day to innovate in products that make a diference.


We are a company that seeks for the wellness of our suppliers; we don’t buy food to process goods, we make friends and in the process we buy their food. We believe that fair trade brings more than any kind of trade. We share passion and love in every development. Our company is committed and responsible about every client. We love making friends and respect them. We strongly believe in a win–win relationship based on respect, commitment, compromise, and value .We are quality- and performance-driven by human happiness.