Before we were called CRISPY FRUITS However We Decided To Get Further , To Improve And To Go Beyond Our Borders. NOW WE ARE CALLED WORLWIDE, CHAAK.


Chaak was established by Jimena Florez a young entrepreneur who firmly believes in the power of change, and that well-being in all its forms can be fully restored in people’slives. From its beginnings, our company set as its goal the transformation of quality of life in all its forms . We use the food to create wellness, starting from our farmers and their families in Colombia until being able to reach our beloved costumers globaly by being a source of health, hope through our products.


Products made for you


Best Quality Products

Our products are being tested and improved at the food innovation center of Rutgers University in New Jersey. Where food scientists involve in our product and together transform natural medicine in to food. What we do different is that we mix powerful natural medicine ingredients and transformer them in to Health food. Our goal is to make food a conscious medicine.


The Secret Formula

We are developing products for those who want to be healthier but also who cannot resist having desserts, usually, because they have to control their sugar, their fat, their cholesterol intakes and empty carbohydrates and calories.                                      

Therefore we have different snacks carefully designed to crave your hunger, making you feel healthier with no regrets.